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Same-day Washer Repair

Problems never comes with a warning, whether in life or in appliances. And one of such bothering problem can be breakdown of your washer. Washer handles one of the toughest jobs in homemaking. They have taken one of the most hated errands of household and that is washing clothes, now people can wash their dirty clothes by just pressing one button on the washer and they do not damage any fabrics as nowadays the machine comes with lot of option like delicate, woolen, mix, cotton and lot more and you can select the one that suits your clothes.  You won’t find any home without a washing machine; it has now become a mandatory to buy a washing machine or washer. When such is the scenario, even a day with a dysfunctioning washer would be difficult. So when your washer breakdowns and you have loads of clothes to be washed, do not stress yourself, just call Washer repair Newmarket and we guarantee that we will repair your washer within a day.Washer plays a very important part in families’ hygiene by washing people’s clothes and when that is not working our technician provides effective repair services and will ensure of the zero problems in future. Our technicians are updated with all type of washers and their mechanisms and hence with their perfect knowledge and expertise, will repair your washer and will satisfy the customer. Our technician knows the value of your time and so to avoid the delay in repairs they make sure that they carry equipments and parts that may be required to fix your washer. Not only this, but they will also give you genuine advice if you need to change your washer. You can always rely on our experienced and skilled technician to help you out and we offer the best competitive prices.


Need Your Washer Repair ? Call Us Today


If these are the problems that occur in washer and call us as we are expert in repairing all of them.

  • If Washer doesn’t spin or doesn’t start
  • Washer making a loud noise
  • If washer won’t drain or fills slowly
  • Overflowing of washer
  • Water leakage in washer
  • If the door or lid of washer won’t lock
  • Washer stops mid cycle         
  • Error code on electric panel

So if you are washer is unable to function, then Washer repair Newmarket is just a call away. We ensure the best quality service and aim at customer satisfaction.



"I had a really good experience with Appliance Repair Newmarket. My washing machine kept getting stuck in the middle of a cycle and wouldn’t drain.. After I called, Henry came out and quickly identified the problem. The repair didn’t take very long, and the price was fair. I’ll definitely give them a call if any of my appliances start acting up again. Thanks again! "

– Satisfied Customer