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Same-day Fridge Repair Newmarket

Fridge is an essential thing in almost every home.  You cannot manage without a fridge even a one day and that’s the fact. Breakdown of fridge will not let you keep your food cold and they can spoil in no time. A broken fridge is obviously a financial hassle but is also a practical one. So if you wish to see your fridge in working condition in a day you can look upon Fridge Repair Newmarket limited for the fastest or same day service.
Repairing a fridge requires a lot of experience because the operation of fridge is determined by a powerful and complicated electronic circuit and only with the use of right equipment as well as the proper technical and electrical knowledge is important for repairing the fridge. Our technician has the knowhow to repair and leave fridge in excellent and properly functioning condition.  Do not worry about the budget we offer the best prices in the market. 
We ensure the quick and efficient services and make every possible effort that won’t cause any delay and for that our technician are well stocked with repair parts with them that would reduce your wait time. Our technician carries right tools and diagnosis the problem and provides solution on site.


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You can face many problems regarding your fridge, some of the common recorded and observed problems in the fridge are as follows and in case of any problems you can always consult Fridge repair Newmarket for the solution:

  • If your fridge is not cold enough
  • Water dispenser or ice dispenser not working
  • If your fridge is not able to defrost
  • If your fridge is loud and noisy
  • If your fridge is warm but freezer is cold
  • If there is any leakage of water
  • Fridge light not working
  • If your fridge is freezing food
  • If your ice maker is overflowing
  • If there is any defrost drain problem
  • Freezer  is not cooling properly
  • If only top shelf freezes in freezer
  • If  freezer indicator light is out
  • Error code on electronic panel

If your fridge is giving you problems don’t just presume that you have to spend a big amount to buy a new one, but instead you can always look upon Fridge repair Newmarket and we assure that we will fix your fridge at the lower cost as compare to the cost you would spend to purchase a new one.



"I had a really good experience with Appliance Repair Newmarket. My washing machine kept getting stuck in the middle of a cycle and wouldn’t drain.. After I called, Henry came out and quickly identified the problem. The repair didn’t take very long, and the price was fair. I’ll definitely give them a call if any of my appliances start acting up again. Thanks again! "

– Satisfied Customer