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Same-day Appliance Repair Services

Today appliances like fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer and stove are definitely found in each and every home. An appliance makes people life a lot easier by sharing their burden, but many times they cause inconvenience as well, when they stop working due to some problem.  If your appliances stop functioning, no worries!  Appliance repair Newmarket limited in Ontario takes care of your appliances maintenance and repairs. We have best skilled technician, plumber and electrician who will be at your service in case of any appliance fail to work properly.
Every appliance technician always has the equipments and the repair parts with them which help them complete their job without any delays and difficulty. So, if your dryer does no dry your clothes properly, or if stove does not heat up to the mark, or if washer makes too much noise,  do not panic just call Appliance repair Newmarket  and our best technician would be at your service.

So before you think of discarding your appliance just consider Appliance repair Newmarket limited for the repairs and services. This will save you from extra cost of replacing your any appliance like fridge, stove, dryer, washer and dishwasher.


Personal Services At Your Residential Or Commercial


  • We provide our Appliance repair services for all the brands and have best quality technicians who are skilled to fix your any dysfunctioning appliances; they carry the necessary spare parts for the repairs which can make their work easy and efficient.
  • Our technician will never misguide any of the customers; they will give true opinion regarding your appliance like whether it should be repaired or its time to replace.
  • We believe in providing prompt services and we make sure that our technician helps you resolve your problem at your convenience without disturbing your schedule. Once they are done with repairing our technician ensures that there is no mess left behind.
  • Before starting with the work our technician will make clear the labor cost and about unavoidable repairs. Everything will be crystal clear in front of you; we don’t charge any hidden cost for the work done.
  • We believe in providing services by gaining utmost customer satisfaction. If customer asks for same day service we make sure we provide that. Our technician repairs all the major appliances like fridge, dryer, washer, dishwasher and stove whatever the condition of appliances may be we ensure to fix it in best possible way.
  • We provide you with estimates of the repair on the phone if client requests to do so.
  •  We are just a phone call away in case of any appliance breakdown.
  • Last but most important our main aim is customer satisfaction.



"I had a really good experience with Appliance Repair Newmarket. My washing machine kept getting stuck in the middle of a cycle and wouldn’t drain.. After I called, Henry came out and quickly identified the problem. The repair didn’t take very long, and the price was fair. I’ll definitely give them a call if any of my appliances start acting up again. Thanks again! "

– Satisfied Customer